Built on a foundation
of excellence.



In 2001, Kent Trimble was working with a company that needed to grow in Ontario. Granite Electrical was born. We took our name from the granite quarries in northwest Ontario. Our goal was to create a rock-solid, wholly Canadian company that, like our work, would stand the test of time. We try to live up to that ideal every day.

In the years since our inception, we’ve continued to grow and work with internationally recognized brands such as Loblaws, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, and Lowes. Our growth has taken us across Canada into Alberta, making us a family-owned, family-operated business that accomplishes large-scale work. We love using our experience to the customer’s advantage and building a working relationship that lasts.

Service Quality


Work as a Family

We believe our work is better when we complete it as a family. That means taking care of each other, both professionally and personally. When we care for our people, they care about their work — and the success of the work speaks for itself.


Do Better Work

We believe in providing quality workmanship, meeting contractors’ needs, and making suggestions to match specifications while reducing costs. Even when the last job was perfect, we always try to do better the next time around.


Finish On Time

We believe in keeping our promises. When we tell customers that a project will be finished on a specific day, we make good on our word, no matter what it takes. And we pride ourselves on not compromising quality or budgets in the process.


Health + Safety

We’re always working on our own and with other contractors to create safe, healthy work environments that comply with government regulations and industry standards.

Our Health and Safety Program provides and maintain appropriate safety equipment for our workers. We also require immediate incident and accident reporting to ensure employees are working safely.


Training is an important part of our Health and Safety Program. All of our employees must be trained in WHMIS 2015, fall protection, scissor lift, and boom lift.

If an employee or a subcontractor isn’t trained to use certain equipment, we provide safety training and orientation. We also train some employees in first aid.